Open pores on face are small openings on the surface of the skin which make an individual look a bit older than their real age. They also make one’s face dull. This is a common problem amongst people and therefore you cannot point a finger to anyone who is experiencing such.

These pores are aggravated by varying causes which include the following;

Oily face

Our sebaceous glands secrete oil which makes our skin shinny and smooth. If the glands however, secrete excess oil it is dangerous in the sense that it mixes with dirt and the dead skin resulting to the swelling of the pores which later lead to blackheads and acne. Unless this swelling of the pores is prevented, open pores on face will result.


Some characteristics of open pores are inherited from our parents. For instance, if one or both of our parents have a face with open pores, chances are very high that you must acquire such traits. There is little you can do to prevent open pores on face where genetics is involved.

Excessive sweating

It is normal for our bodies to lose water for it helps regulate the body temperature. If however you lose excess water on your body, it dries up on the skin resulting to clogging of the pores. The pores appear enlarged depending on the width of your hair strands. This can be avoided by use of anti perspirants as it will block the sweat glands. Avoiding strenuous exercises can also help control the excessive sweating.


With the advance in age, the skin tends to lose its elasticity and tight nature therefore it tends to sag making the open pores on  face become clearer  and visible from far. The pores can be made to disappear by applying skin toners that are of good quality.

Insufficient washing of the face

The face is exposed to a lot of pollutants. Examples include dirt, debris and chemicals. If these materials are not sufficiently washed off the face, they may turn out harmful to the face and in particular the skin. Some remnants tend to remain on the face after washing. The same can be said about the makeup. The latter form layers on the skin and causes blockage. When they are washed thereafter they leave behind expanded holes on the skin which we are now calling open pores.

Sun exposure

The sun has harmful radiation which affects the skin. In particular, there are some harmful up rays which are detrimental to the skin. These rays burn the skin and destroy the structure of the skin. Prolonged exposure to the rays of the sun causes the skin to sag and get wrinkles. The skin stretches and at the same time the pores are enlarged. Without protection from UV rays such as SPF, the skin is vulnerable to damage.

Changes in body hormones

Our bodies undergo hormonal changes during our various stages of growth. For instance, decrease in certain hormones and increase in others can affect pores on the skin.

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