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Pore tends to enlarge for a number of reasons. The excess oil forcing its way through blocked pores is a sure way to cause the pores to expand. The oily skin types are particularly prone to this problem. The other has much to do with the age. As we age the skin expands and loses elasticity. In other words, the skin does not get back to its former size due to the loss of elasticity.

Some people are also more prone to enlarged pores than others due to genetics. This brings us to the question: how do we minimise pores easily? The answer is that there are many easy and inexpensive ways to go about.

Exfoliating the skin

One the easiest ways to minimize pores that are large is of course through exfoliation. To understand exfoliation better, think of the skin as a garden where flowers from a tree fall on it during spring. The trees have to shed the leaves to pave way for others. The skin too has top shed the old skin for a new one. This may not happen as fast as we want, hence the need to scrub it gently.

Cleansing the skin

It goes without saying that cleansing the skin is supposed to be the easiest way to minimise pores. The skin gets dirty due to debris, oil among other pollutants. If all these are not removed when they get on the skin, then a problem will be in the offing.

The cleansing will be by way of using mild water and clean warm water. This water need not be plain as one cans also salicylic acid to add the curative properties to the water. This should however be done in the first round so that in the second round, you will only need to rinse with plain water.

Dealing with irritants

There are many irritant in the environment which could affect the condition of the skin. To make the pores tight, you should use the appropriate   cleaning agents which will in turn help to get rid of the irritants.

Basic hygiene

You need not be surprised to learn that basic hygiene is all that you require for a healthy skin. Washing the minimum number of times, avoiding harsh products and regular wiping with the recommended cleansers will get you the kind of skin that you want.

The idea of having minimised pores is one which should be approached with an informed mind. This is because the skin is very sensitive to many things that it comes with. Take the case of excessive oil. The oil will become a bother if it is not removed the instance it collects on the surface of the skin. Dirt is also not good if it collects on the skin. There is debris to contend with and in no time, you will be staring at the zits and blackheads right before. Taking the right measures will see you eliminate the problems once and for all.

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