If you get your pores clogged, you would definitely want to get them cleaned. The idea of clean pores is a timely one especially given the fact that it has become a health concern.

Many people who want to clean pores have no idea where to start. As a result, they use trial and error. You do not need to go the long haul because the best ways to go about clean pores are given here.

Dirt and make up

We all know how dirt ends up on the pores: wind blows dirt on the face; the oil the dries on the skin and traps dirt; exposure to dirt in the air and so on. We cannot avoid the dirt, but we find ways to remove it from the skin.

The dirt can be gotten rid of through washing the face for instance. Use a mild soap and plenty of water to wash off the dirt that could have accumulated on the skin over time. If this dirt is left on the skin for long, it blocks the pores and this is how one ends up with blocked pore. In short, observing   basic hygiene will get you healthy pores all the time and one will not need to worry about the pores getting blocked again. It is an inexpensive way to deal with pores.

Make up

The use of make up by ladies in particular has a profound effect on the skin. The makeup ends up in the pores of the skin, causing blockage as a result. Though there is nothing wrong with having made up, it is how one wears it on and how or when removed which count. After a while, one should remove all the remnants of the old make up before applying a new one; otherwise one will end up with layers upon layers of make up on the skin. These layers are the ones which cause blockage on the pores, making the process of having clean pores quite an uphill task.

 Using face wipes

This might appear as unnecessarily expensive but in actual sense, it is not. Face wipes are highly affordable and when travelling, it is advisable to have them in your bag. Once you arrive to your destination, you will have accumulated a lot of dirt on the face which will require to be removed. Use a few of them on the face to clean pores. They wipes are very effective because they are chemically treated to kill bacteria as well as wash of the chemicals, dirt and debris found on the face.

Cleansing the face

The idea of cleansing the face basically implies washing the face twice daily. Doctors highly recommend this as this is one sure way to clean pores as well as avoid the problems which plague people such as the one of clogged pores, zits, warts and all.

Cleaning the pores need not be a big deal if you find   the least expensive and convenient methods such as the ones discussed above.

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