The skin is made up of tiny openings we call pores. These pores play an important role in helping the skin carry out its excretory function. The pores however may become a nightmare if they enlarge. One of the reasons why they enlarge is because the pose clogs. When they clog, we have to find out the cause and then look for ways to clear pores.

The clogging results from the fact that dirt gets inside the pores. At first, it might appear harmless. This is because it clears itself when the oil keeps coming out. However, it reaches a point whereby the dirt is so much as to hinder the smooth flow of the oil. This leads to blocking.

In order to clear pores, the dirt has to be removed. This can be done in so many ways. These include using wipes, cleaning with plenty of water as well as exfoliation. Each of aforementioned methods is highly effective and one only needs to identify the one that will work with their respective skin type as well as the extent of the clogging.

Dead skin cells

Dead skin cells manifest on the skin as scales which could be white in colour. The skin sheds off old skin and the oil on the skin washes it off. When we wash our faces for instance, we clean the grime which is a mixture of the oil and the dead skin. For some reasons, both are not removed on time and them together they form a very strong clogging substance on the skin. This makes it difficult to have clear pores unless it is through washing with plenty of water.  The use of cleaning agents will also come in handy as they will help to get rid of the debris on the skin. One must however choose the mild soaps over the harsher ones as the latter will tend to irritate the skin more.

Debris and dirt

The debris could be anything from dust particles to the other pollutants we find in the air. They all accumulate on the skin and over time, they pose a genuine danger to the health of the skin. The pores get blocked and the only way to restore them is to clear the debris. The dirt could be sweat and grime which sticks on the surface of the skin.

Remnants of make up

Frequently application of make up without removing them leads to a situation whereby there are remnants of makeup left on the skin. To clear pores, the old makeup has to be removed as it contributes to blocking of the makeup.

In the long run, one will need to find a most effective way to deal with the incessant problem of clogged pores. The most natural ones are the best because they do not have side effects to the skin health. The home remedies such as sugar scrub, baking powder and green tea are particularly effectively. They are cheap and easily available.

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