It is not enough to get rid of face pores; one has to ensure that they are removed effectively. However, it is important to bear in mind that the pores are part and parcel of the skin and hence cannot be completely done away with. Without the pores, our skin would not breathe and we would have serious skin conditions due to accumulation of toxins. It is the enlarged face pores that we are interested in since they tend to cause a variety of problems.


This refers to the removal of the dead skin cells on the skin. This is usually done by scrubbing the face using a recommended facial scrub. Exfoliation helps not only in the removal of the accumulated dead cells on the face pores; it also stimulates the collagen to grow a new skin. As such, the inelastic skin is replaced by a new elastic skin which is healthier and good looking. One should also make use of the exfoliation creams which are made from natural products.


The whole idea of cleansing the skin covers many areas of taking care of the skin. It for instance involves the use of cleansing agents to remove the excess on the face, unclogging the pores and removing the dirt that could be trapped on the face. In the long run, cleansing aims at restoring the natural appearance of the skin that is free from the enlarged face pores.


The face needs to be moisturized through the use of moisturizing creams. These creams are made in such a way that they preserve the moisture on the face, hence preventing the dryness which causes the skin to crack.

Moisturizing creams are particularly used by people who have dry skins as they tend to suffer from excessive dryness of the skin. The latter is usually very dangerous as it could cause the enlargement of the face pores. This is because the dirt o and debris on the face have no way of being removed. The moisturising lotions and creams serve the purpose of ensuring that one has a smooth and supple skin.

 Going natural

The above mentioned creams and lotions are man-made and although some contain natural ingredients, sometimes it pays to use the locally available or home remedies to treat the face pores. This will involve the use of lemon juice or cucumber juice. Others use what is commonly referred to as rese water. All these have one thing in common: they are used to help in tightening the skin pores on the face. They contain chemical substances in them which aid in making the skin more elastic and hence tighter pores.

Other home-made products that one can use include:

-apple cider vinegar

-egg white-

tomato juice

-baking powder

-clay masks

-sugar scrub


One will realize that any of the above is highly effective in the treatment of large face pores. One needs not incur a lot of expenses when a solution is locally available.

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