Pores are small openings on the surface of the skin and they allow the exchange of air. Pores are actually openings of hair follicles. At times these pores become stubborn when they become excessively large thus leading to other ugly side effects. For example when they become large they make your face look saggy thus leads you appear aged and unhealthy.

There are some of helpful ways to overcome this problem of unnecessary large nose pores. They include:


The large nose pores attract dirt. This dirt could be dusty particles, mud, bacteria and oil. If they are left to gather on the face the pores get clogged. This would mean that the excretory function of the pores is inhibited. This can therefore lead to clogging. Cleansing the face is the first and effective way to clear off the clog. You only need plenty of clean water and a mild soap. Apply the soap on all round the nose and then rub gently using your fingers. After that ,rinse with plenty of water. The cleansing should be done probably in the morning when you get up and in the evening.


Hot water mixed with pepper mint makes a nice an effective remedy for large nose pores. You will pour water in a bowl and let it to boil. Then add pepper mint. Meanwhile, cover your face with a clean piece of cloth. Bend forward towards the steam so that the steam could help to unclog the pores. This will go a long way in preventing oil, dirt, and other pollutants from enlarging the pores. As a result, the pores will remain tight.

Alternatively you can splash ice cold water on the surface of the nose to reduceĀ  the size of the large pores. The ice cold water will help to tighten the large nose pores after a period of a week.

Still, another home remedy could be use of egg-white mask. Get the white part of the egg and apply it on your nose and leave it for about 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water. The egg white has some properties which are beneficial to the skin and in particular in helping prevent the pores from enlarging.

Use of facial scrub

A gentle scrub on the nose will remove debris dirt and other pollutants which cause the pores to enlarge. Simply dab an exfoliation cream or lotion on the nose and rub gently. This will clear the openings of the pores hence prevent them from becoming larger.

Removing dead skin cells

The skin sheds itself now and then. These dead cells can block the pores of the skin on the nose. They thus must be removed through basic hygienic methods such as washing with mild soap and lots of clean water.

Managing excess oil on the skin

The sebum of the skin produces a lot of oil. This oil may block the opening of the pores hence enlarging them. This should be cleared through washing daily.

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