The idea of having smaller pores is every one’s dream. This however does not always happen. Quite frankly, age catches up with us and the skin become inelastic. As we age, the skin is not able to hold together hence the pores enlarge. The effect of genes on our skin could be just as overwhelming. What we do after the realization of the above is what will determine if we will succeed in having small pores or not.

What to do

Large pores are a disaster in every way. They allow germs, dirt and debris to enter the pores. Having them tight is all that we need.  The first thing that we need to do is to vacuum clean the pores.  Think of the skin as a floor in your house which has a carpet. The carpet collects fine dust and this keeps on accumulating over time. You will however realize that if you vacuum clean it, it gets its sheen back. The skin needs to be treated the same way.

Sucking all the oil

Oil on the skin is not bad .it keeps our skin smooth, supple and full. However, the excess of is not good at all. It causes a lot of problems on the skin. It has to be gotten rid of immediately. One of the best ways to go about it is to suck it. This might appear very ambitious of you but those who have tried it will tell you it works   magic. With the less oil on the skin, the pores will not be overburdened by the excess flow of the oil. Mind you, if the oils are too and do find resistance, then the pores will enlarge. In such an instance, you will have to forget smaller pores.

Mechanical exfoliation

Some things have to be done practically to make sense. Exfoliating the skin is arguably a safe and effective way to deal with enlarged pores. When the dead skin cells get the better of our skins, then we will have to deal with enlarged pores. This is not what we are looking for. To get the smaller pores, we must first and foremost deal with the dead skin cells. By exfoliating the skin, one will easily find that the skin wills breath better, collage production will take place and once more, you will have tighter pores.

Cleansing the skin

There are some things we take for a granted but in reality; they really carry a lot of weight. Cleansing the skin with water sounds almost natural to us. But how many of us remember to wash our faces with water first thing in the morning and last thing before sleeping? We assume so many things yet this simple act of washing the face with mild soap or using a mild soap makes a whole deal of a difference.

In conclusion, taking care of pores is not rocket; neither does it require sophisticated treatment. If we follow a dedicated, daily skin care, then the problems of the zits, blackheads, white heads among others will become a problem of the past.

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