There are many ways of dealing with open pores on nose. Before we look at these, it is important to understand how they come into being in the first place. The tiny holes or openings on the nose help in the removal of waste products such as excess oil sweat and so on. When they are of the normal size, they function very normally. However, there are some instances whey   open and as result, they become blocked. Upon clearing, they are enlarges, posing a health risk owing to entry of bacteria.


This is the most basic of the open pores on nose. It simply entails cleaning the nose using clean water or any other cleaning solution.  One can for instance make use of a wipe to get rid of debris, pollutants or any other foreign material that may impact on the pores.

Washing with water should be understood in two ways: the first is when you wake up first thing in the morning. Some splashing of cold water closes the pores, thus the open pores on nose are shrunk to size. If this is repeated daily, then the pores will remain in that shrunk size for as long as you repeat the routine.

The other time when it is recommended to use water is when you are about to retire to bed. You should not sleep with your make up on as this could aggravate the  open pores on nose. This make up enters the pores and enlarge them. Over time, you will be having open pores which you have no control over since they expanded in size.

Cleansers to the rescue

There are many dermatologic ally approved cleansers which are useful in the treatment of the pores. One word of caution though, one should avoid the cleansers which are too harsh on the skin. For instance, there highly acidic ones are not recommended as they irritate the nose, leading to severe itching.

Once one is done with the cleansing, it will only take a few minutes to pat it dry. It is however important to rinse first using warm water before patting with a soft towel. One more thing: though the use of the soap as a cleaner has been in vogue for long, the oil for massaging the nose has slowly   but assuredly replaced the former. The reason for the choice of oil over the soap stems from the fact that oil binds pretty well with the other natural oils found on the skin.

  One of the best ways to deal with open pores on nose is to exfoliate. This is a way of getting rid of the dead skin cells which build up on the nose over time. The problem with these dead cells is that they enter the pores and clog them. Scrubbing will help a great deal in removing the dead cells, hence clearing the pores for easier excretion of waste. This way, you will be guaranteed of small pores which are tight and immune from the entry of bacteria and other foreign materials.

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