There is a reason as to why most of us have pores. Some of the main reasons include; advancement in age, genetics, skin type among many others. Everyone with these pores will automatically yearn to reduce them and have a flawless skin. The truth of the matter is that, the pores cannot completely disappear but we can work into reducing and making them appears smaller. It is therefore upon us to work into making them less noticeable on our skin.

The following are some of the possible ways to reduce pores on our skin.


This is the process of removing accumulated form from the skin thus making the pores look smaller. You can unclog the pores by the use of clay masks. The idea is to apply it evenly on your face and leave it for some few minutes.  As dots of oil start appearing on the mask, you will automatically know the mask has successfully pulled the grease.

Use of cleansing oils

Use of cleansing oils is another effective way to reduce pores. For people with oily skin type, you will require a cleanser like Bliss Dissolving Cleansing Milk. You will need to apply it at least twice a day for better results. For the dry skin type, oil like Laura Mercier will be beneficial to the skin for not only will it clear the pores but also add moisture to your skin.

Deep treatment

Use of chemical compounds such as retinoid can help the dead skins from clogging the pores. This will then enable any medicated creams and gels penetrate deep into the skin. Alternatively, you can use glycolic acid which stimulates the collagen and tightens the pores. The glycolic acid aids in removing the dead skin cells making the skin supple. You can also apply a glycolic wash like a mask then leave it for a few minutes then later remove it with a clean piece of towel that is damp. You can then rinse off the face with lots of running water and then apply a good moisturizer.

Avoiding the UV rays

This is one of the surest ways to reduce pores on your skin. The UV rays damages the skin by causing a severe damage on your skin resulting to weakening of the collagen and making the skin to thin. If you are to expose yourself to the sunshine the best to protect your skin is by applying a formula like NARS. Such like formulas will smoothen your pores while providing protection against the rays.

Use of chemical peelings

This is a technique where a solution is applied on the surface of the skin which after some time exfoliates and causes the skin to peel off. The new skin that results is usually smoother and has a shimmering glow.

Cleansing the skin deep

In order to do away with the pores on your skin, you can carry out a home remedy method like steaming to clear off the pores. This will ensure a total elimination of blackheads.

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