Everyone would want to have tight pores but this does not always happen. This is because exposure to sun, poor genes, age and such always get in the way. It is not possible to ultimately shrink the large pores. There are however proven ways to keep them at a desired size without compromising on skin health. Let us briefly explore some of these methods.

Cleaning pores clean

This is easy, cheap and healthy. It will not cost you anything to simply cleanse the pores early in the morning and later in the evening before you retire to bed. If you stick to this routine for a few days, you will notice some positive changes and will be certain that this inexpensive treatment for large pores really works.

Mild cleansers

It really counts the kind of cleansers that one is using. Very strong or acidic ones may have the undesired results hence one should not use them. They tend to raise the PH of the skin thus irritating it. On the other one, the use of the mild cleansers will have a positive effect on the skin and generally speaking, one will get better results.

Avoiding dryness on the skin

We all dread the mere thought of having very dry skin. Sometimes this cannot be avoided entirely due to our daily integration with nature. If you have been out in the sun and are dehydrated, it is easy to have dry skin. This will have far reaching consequences on the sinter best way to deal with dry skin is to moisturize and exfoliate it. This should however not be done more than twice a day.

Reclogging the pores

As part of the treatment for large pores, the cleansers are the most ideal ones to do the reclogging. One should insist on the salicylic acid and to some extent, the lactic acid. These two are consider gentle on the skin, yet very tough on the germs. They do not irritate the skin unless one overuses them.

Use of home made products

Though many people seek treatment for large pores in health facilities near them, one finds that the solution lies right there before them. There are many home remedies which could be as effective as the medical ones-if not better. One can resort to the use of baking powder, honey, tomato juice, oat meal among others. The trick is in knowing how to make a good mixture.

Spot treatment is also highly recommended and especially if you notice a pore problem that is emerging. There are usually pores on the cheeks, nose and other parts of the face. Though this might appear to be a complex problem, one realizes that this could actually be easily treated easily through use of the available resources.

The need for treatment for large pores should always be accompanies by a note of cautions. Some highly overrated over-the –counter medications which claim to  offer ‘quick fixes’ may be just that; quick fixes. They do not offer long term solution and as such, the problem may return. Due diligence is needed.

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