Before we look at the blocked pores, it is important to understand what pores are and their role on the skin. Pores are the tiny openings on the skin through which the skin remove waste products like sweat and oil. There are some glands known as sebaceous glands which secrete oil. This oil flows onto the surface of the skin through ducts.

The blocked pores  is a common  problem which has been  found  to  be the main cause of the  zits ,blackheads and white heads  that we see on the face. The pores get blocked for a number of reasons. Let us look at how this tends to happen.


Our skin tends to attract dirt. This is especially if one has an excessively oily skin. The oil settles on the surface and when the dirt particles are tapped, the blocked pores will ultimately result. The oil is quite sticky and will thus attract any kind of dirt to it. If one does not observe basic hygiene, it is highly likely that they will have this   condition. The dirt trapped in oil blocks the opening of the   pores such that the oil   no longer comes out.

Excess oil production

When the skin produces more oil than it can possibly eliminate, there is bound to be a problem. This could be the reason why oily types of skins are the most vulnerable to blocked pores. The oil flows on the surface of the skin and if not washed of, it dries there and causes the blockage on the skin. The pores are usually very small and one might not even notice that they are blocked until there is appearance of the blackheads, zits, pimples and so on.

Dead skin cells

The skin is a living organ. This ideally means that it has to keep shedding the old skin and get a new one.  Where do the dead skin cells go? Of course it is shed on the surface waiting to clean off. When we wash our faces with mild soap for instance, we removed the scaly substances on the skins. If you look on the basin, you will see the speckles which are supposed to be the dead cells that you have washed off. However, it so happens that in some cases, we fail to remove the dead skin cells. The result is that we have a lot dead skin cells which accumulate and cause the blocked pores.

Observing basic hygiene has never hurt anyone. It is advisable that one takes a bath at least once daily so as to get rid of the dead skin cells. If you have the persistently dry skin condition, using moisturizers will come handy as it will keep the skin smooth, supple and free from the dead skin cells.

Debris could be all over in our environment and when they settle on the skin, then blocking seem almost inevitable. This should not however be taken as an excuse not to find a solution. Taking care of our skins should be a priority.

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