Having large pores on face is now a common condition regardless of gender. Many people with such pores keep wondering where the pores come from. There are some well known factors which lead to the condition.

Exposure to the sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun has been found to cause large pores on face. The pore canals are enlarges when the collagen on the skin is damaged.   Shrinking is a common symptom which is associated with the loss of elasticity on the skin. The surest way to avoid damage to the skin is by avoiding the strong sun as much as possible.


As we age, the skin’s elasticity is lost and as a result, the large pores on face become a common feature on our faces. If you are keen enough, you must have noticed by now that the elderly people to have enlarged pores on the skin.


Having large pores on the face have everything to with genetics. If your parents had large pores on face, chances are very high that you are going to have the same.

Overproduction of oil on skin

There are people who have oily skins. Their skins produce a lot of oil. This excessive oil production is what causes the pores to enlarge. The oil sometimes combines with dirt which sticks on the face. Together, they clog the pores. The oil has to find its way out of the pores and subsequently, there is enlargement of the pores. Perhaps this is the reason why oily faces have to watch constantly with plenty of water to remove the excess oil which accumulates on the skin.

Dead skin cells are culprits when it comes to having pores that are larger than usual. This is because the dead cells build up on the skin and cause blockage. These dead cells are associated with the outbreak of blackheads on the face. This is after oxidation takes place in the pores as a result of the blockage.

There could be many factors which could occasion this problem. However, each one of us could have a different cause and the only way is to eliminate any of the above. Once you have identified the cause, the next best thing to do would be to find a cure to the problem. If for any reason, the cause is not any of the above; it is advisable that one visits a dermatologist for consultation. You could for instance be suffering from a skin condition that causes the pores to enlarge. The face is very vulnerable to stress, lifestyle and also how one takes care of it.

If one is stressed for instance, the skin tends to appear wrinkled. This may affect the elasticity of the skin. Since the face is the most visible part of the body, it is highly advisable to ensure that one takes care of it. Finding a cure to the enlarged pores need not be an expensive undertaking at all.

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